Friday, May 23, 2008

Let's start


Ok here's the thing: screenshot used to be kind of a big deal when I started playing videogames. That was before gametrailers, youtube, etc.
This is a blog intended to collect and share interesting screenshots from any game.
Interesting means many things. In this case means following the rule of photography. So rule of thirds, an interesting set of colors, trying to make a point (or just show some awesome thing).
Unless you're doing screenshots for a review, nothing should stop you from using the print screen button as the trigger on your camera. When you're inside a game you should basically feel as a photojournalist in a virtual world.
Some games are even including ways to do really artistic images, letting the players alter depth of field, shutter speed etc.

Cheat it's fair game to me: and by cheat I mean photoshopping the screenshot, faking it in a way that makes it more outstanding, funny or awesome. When software house do that it's bad, but we can do it, we're not going to sell something.
Right now there is a group on Flickr where you can add the photos. Or you can drop me a link in the comments (better if you add them to flickr).

Also there may be some talk about overcoming the limitations of the medium, also image and video capturing on consoles.

P.S. screenshot don't really need to be bloody. That was just a reference to a certain batch of ninja gaiden ones full of money shots.

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